The Black Crows Camox Birdie is intended to be a fun, playful, versatile ski. Black Crows says its DNA is derived from freestyle, lengthening its sidecut and giving it giant rocker in the tip and tail. That DNA is packaged into extra of an all mountain, freeride shape, which can be taken somewhere on the mountain.

The Pandora 104 shares the Sick Day series lightweight construction, and our pair of the one hundred sixty five cm Pandora 104 is coming in at round 1635 grams per ski, which is quite light. However, one of the defining traits of the Sick Day skis is their outstanding stability to weight ratio.

The Santa Ana 93 can be extraordinary things for special skiers. You will recognize these two sheets of metal. Prefer maneuvering through timber and snowboarding gentle snow? The form of the Santa Ana 93 is high quality for that kind of skiing. All in all its an incredibly versatile ski that has grow to be a preferred among superior and professional skiers.

Rossignol Soul 7 Stability and maneuverability with a Carbon Alloy Matrix a carbon and basalt mixture Rossi is using in numerous of its high performance skis for higher transmission and dampness, the Soul 7 now receives the brands Air Tip 2.0. This new development method is supposed to continue to enhance the skis accuracy and liveliness, particularly at the tips. According to our testers, it works.

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The majority of them said a smoother turn transition with the upgraded ski, a extra versatile turn form and less chatter at higher speeds, specially for a ski that feels so lightweight.

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