Nice pair of mid-high-end goggles with a broad field of view for a medium healthy lens. It uses triple layer face foam for a comfortable healthy and comes with a nice selection of lens tints. Although more cost-effective than the more superior Anon WM1, these goggles are well matched with the Anon MFI mask, which is a full face neck heat that clips into the backside of the goggle frame

The Roxy Rockferry is daring vibrant and comes with a cool determination of lens tints. It makes use of double density face foam and polar fleece for a comfortable and moisture wicking fit. They have good peripheral vision but not as correct as the Hubble. These are a nice pair of womens goggles at a true fee that will give you clarity and fog-free riding for many seasons. The foremost downside is that the lenses are not interchangeable, so you will need to compromise with an day to day lens tint.

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The frame makes use of triple layer face foam that is 40% thinner than regular goggles, this makes for a nearer healthy and consequently a wider field of vision. The lenses use Anons Integral Clarity Technology which does a desirable job of enhancing contrast and blocking out glare.

They have a stable anti-fog coating and the side vents enhance airflow and limit the probability of water vapor condensing onto the floor of the lens. The great factor about these goggles is that the lenses are interchangeable which potential you can have a couple of lenses for distinctive mild conditions.

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Anon goggles have a smaller feminine in shape but nevertheless retain a large spherical formed lens. Spherical lenses furnish a greater herbal and precise curve for the human eye with fewer distortions.

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