It's an adjustable helmet system which means the protective exterior shell sits on top of a isolated suspension which can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly. There's a single ratchet adjustment located at the back of the helmet which can be easily adjusted on the fly. You will still need to measure yourself though as the adjustments are limited. Smith makes this helmet in about two dozen variations of color and design. That way there's sure to be something for everyone's snowboarding styles.

While some lids are built like bike helmets with a 'one and done' system, the Endura-Shell ABS development of the Anon Raider is designed to take more than one knocks. That makes it a little heavier than some different systems, however really worth the minimal greater weight if you favor long lasting protection.

Any helmet really worth its salt has to be in a position to preserve you satisfied as nicely as protected, which is why this has a fleece lining that makes it terrific for even the coldest days. The earpads and lining can be removed, if you pick to put on this over a beanie.

Snowsports gear for ladies

Smith helmets are created to effectively take in direct impacts, and most colourways of the Mission and all colourways of the Mirage are on hand with an elective multi directional have an impact on protection device lining that reduces rotational forces that the talent is exposed to at some stage in indirect affects to the head. When combined with MIPS, the helmet liner is separated from the head by using a low friction slip aircraft that lets in the head to slide throughout influence and may additionally reduce instances of tense talent injuries.